On the Topic of Race

August 4, 2009

Ah, such a hot button issue: how to fit your list of accepted races into your world. To be honest, in the Dagdaeard and the rest of the land on it’s little world, I think everything should fit and have it’s place. I just don’t think I’m prepared at the moment to handle it all.

Let’s just say this and get it out of the way (and borrowing a bit from Eberron here): Everything in D&D can and likely does exist in the world with Dagdaeard. I may mention things at times (like Elves are likely to be more at home in Talamh Ainmhi, Eladrin in Kraj Magia, Humans in Cwena Scire, and Half-Orcs in Talamh Codagh) but really, it’s one big melting pot.

Don’t get me wrong! There are racial tensions, even among the known children of the All-Father – I just haven’t worked them out yet. But one thing to ponder on: there’s probably a lot more religious and regional tension. After all, the Chosen of Macha had probably been raiding their neighbors for centuries before the Revelation – in fact, I think this is canon, I just haven’t written it down yet – and I think Kraj Magia is going to have quite the undead problem. They’ve repeatedly had to ask Cwena Scire help out with and they haven’t paid up for the help recently (or ever).