I’m Moving!

August 4, 2009

Sorry, but wordpress.com is just too restrictive for my tastes in terms of what I can do.

Don’t worry though! I’m just moving, not going away. I’m just moving to Atreus’s RPG Works (which is still all me). It’s even still a WordPress blog, just hosted so that I can run analytics and use FeedBurner. Oh, and edit my theme and templates.

Just in case you didn’t click above, here’s the link again: http://www.atreus-works.com. You’ll have to resubscribe if you want your feed to stay up-to-date.


The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the design and hopefully play of a D&D 4E setting and campaign I’m referring to as “Defenders of the Core”.

I basically want to take the concept of differing class power sources and turn that into the basis for a “rival factions” style of campaign. I’m thinking that all of the power sources have a “guild” that trains and fields groups of it members for the purposes of defending the kingdom or town – in particular a core of some type. I haven’t decided if the core will be literal (a crystal of some sort) or a figurative thing. The concept of it being both at the same time is very interesting to me.

Of course, the guilds will likely have been friendly rivals through most of history – hosting non-lethal tournaments (single combats and group melees), working together to combat the foes of the region while jockeying for primacy and favor among the people.