The City of Onmiddan

August 3, 2009

The city of Onmiddan is the capital of all the All-Father’s lands. Home to the religious center and ruling body of the continent, it also serves as the one true melting pot of all the cultures brought forth by his Aspects and as the single largest trade hub on the continent. It is situated on and around a river that flows through or from each of his lands. (For those who can’t believe this: there are several large tributaries that meet up with the God River in or very near Onmiddan.)

Onmiddan has existed since before the Dagdaeard was known as the Dagdaeard, before the All-Father made his presence known. In those days, it was still a massive trade hub, but that trade was largely relegated to the 3 annual fairs and the merchants who passed by on the river on their way to trade. There was a small native community that saw to the upkeep of the various trade squares, and these people still exist. After the revelation of the All-Father, these people have believed themselves to be his own Chosen. None of the other nations believe this though, and that independent “nation” of people have since been relegated to a ghetto inside of Onmiddan and a shanty town outside.

Present day Onmiddan is a thriving metropolis, with a large trade and governmental center as the focal point. Surrounding that, in the areas that most closely border their own lands, each Aspect’s people have their own areas. The council attempts to keep these areas equal, but there are always boundary disputes. Inside each of these areas are shops that serve the specialty interests that each Aspect is best-suited for: hunting and survival supplies, as well as classes to learn survival techniques in the Path of Cernunnos; Magical item creation and sale, as well as musical supplies in the Library of Weles; training in the latest fighting techniques, military strategy classes, and weapons can be found in the Barracks of Macha; while healing, first aid, and counseling can be found in the Temples of Alaea.

There also exists a largely unexplored cavern network under the city that was only discovered after the Revelation. It contains within it art and scripture of the All-Father. All magical attempts at dating the artifacts and writing become confused – they actually return results that vary from test to test on the same piece. Scholars believe this indicates either an obfuscation spell on the age of the pieces, or that they are actually living artifacts of the All-Father – existing and changing in all times at once.