The All-Father’s aspect of nature, the hunt, and the cycle of life (yes, I know, largely the same profile as Balinor), Cernunnos, Lord of Beasts, teaches respect for all in his domain. He teaches the route of harmony to his followers, showing that they should take only what they need and use as much as possible of what they do take. In process, he shows that not all are created equal: only the fittest survive his harsh jungle and dense forest in Talamh AinmhĂ­. Those not up to the challenge of surviving such environments are not worthy of his favor. This makes those concerned for their family’s safety often leave his lands, while those seeking a test of power, cunning, and determination flock to his side. This means that most of the Chosen of Cernunnos chose themselves before this Aspect could choose them himself.

His tenets are as follows:

  • Use what you take.
  • Living is not enough, one must prove that they are able and willing to survive.
  • Luck favors the prepared. Survival abhors the unprepared. Be prepared.

Cernunnos is Unaligned.

Edit: His domains are: Change and Wilderness.