The Chosen of Cernunnos

July 31, 2009

As I mentioned previously, the Chosen of Cernunnos tend to choose themselves first. They venture into the dense jungle and thick forest of Talamh Ainmhi (I’m dropping the special “i” – it’s too damn annoying to go back and copy it everytime) seeking a challenge and come out changed or not at all. Usually this leaves them ready to take a calm but powerful stance towards the nature that surrounds them (Druids, Shaman, Wardens), other times it can draw the anger, the rage, that was deep inside them and pull it to forefront allowing them to become the berzerker (Barbarians).

All of these Chosen know they have been gifted with the insight and focus of Cernunnos. They are to protect the wild, but also to submit it’s power and let the flow of nature guide them. They are never to be weak, however, as weakness in the Land of Beasts leads to death. This insight affects each of the Chosen in a unique way:

  • Barbarians are relentlessly assault by the things that anger them most, triggering their rage. That rage is then granted focus by Cernunnos and directed at those things that endanger the wilds.
  • Druids learn the advantages of beasts as they gain their shapeshifting abilities, but are also taught that their natural form is powerful as well. Once Cernunnos grants them their magic.
  • Shaman are granted their totem animals (and thus, spirit companions) in a vision. The animal grants the use of the spirit of their species to the help the Shaman survive his ordeal.
  • Wardens must learn to take parts of the wilds into themselves and reflect them outward in order to survive. They learn to take on many forms and aspects, just like the All-Father does but on a mortal scale.
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