Naming a Kingdom

July 24, 2009

Let’s give our kingdom a name. This is actually a rather difficult process, mostly because the possibilties are endless and it can be difficult to get it right.

For this we want something easy to remember. We don’t want a situation where the players can’t remember the name. However, for flavor purposes, I’m going to throw in some “hard” names. I don’t expect the players to actually use them regularly, though if they did that would be amazing.

First, let’s name our Aspects. I’ll give the names first and then go into the layers behind it.

  • Alaea, Lady of Light
  • Macha, Mistress of Battle
  • Cernunnos, Lord of Beasts
  • Weles, Master of Magic

For the purely Divine, we have the Aspect Alaea. Nothing particularly historical behind this name – it’s a kind of Hawaiian Sea Salt, but mostly it’s a name that someone I care for dearly uses frequently. Macha, Aspect of War, is named after a goddess from ancient Ireland. Cernunnos, Aspect of the Primal, shares a similar background with Macha, having been a Celtic God. Weles, Aspect of Magic, takes his name from the Polish form of the name Veles, who was a god of magic (and also music, which is appropriate given that bards are Arcane Leaders). If, after reading this paragraph, Fionavar is on your mind, I wouldn’t blame you. I just got through re-reading it. If it isn’t, I think you have your work cut out for you.

From there we get the names of the lands. Forgive any mangling of languages. They are, respectively:

  • Cwéna Scire
  • Talamh Codagh
  • Talamh Ainmhí
  • Kraj Magia

The first is in Old English, the next two in a form of Gaelic, and the last in Polish. They all are basically a combination of “Land” and some variation on the Aspect’s domain.

For our central capital, and the entire kingdom, I’ve settled on using All-Father and Dagda interchangeably. That leads to me naming the land Dagdaeard and the capitol Onmiddan. Though it doesn’t translate as such, I think the capitol will also go by the name “The God’s Heart” or “The God’s Core”.

Again, we have even more detail now. I think some readers may even have enough to build a full adventure path from!

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