Creating a Skeleton of the Past

July 23, 2009

Let’s start from our basic setup. Four guilds/organizations (they might even be religions) with different methods that originate from 4 different regions.

These are all united in a central city, and ruled over by a some form of governing body.

I’m going to take the idea that these are all religions and run with it: each power source represents a single aspect of the god who’s worshipped in the kingdom.

1000 years ago, maybe more, the people of this continent worshipped 4 separate gods, each one prevailing over a given area. Then a single being who was: man, woman, soldier, priest, wizard, and protector of nature emerged. He spread the word (and was believed, in large part due to the miracle of his personal existence) that each of these deities was but an aspect of the all-father, and that they should join together. Prior to that there had been varying periods of bloodshed and hard peace between what would become the states of a much greater nation.

Now they were to be govern by a ruling council: one councilor for each aspect of the god (generally, high priest of that aspect). A fifth would be elevated from one of the aspect’s priesthoods, to be high priest(ess) of the god himself.

Voilà! We have the beginnings of a past and a government!

Edit: This published about 5 hours early. It’s intended to be tomorrow’s (July 23) post. Enjoy the earliness, but you won’t get an extra post out of it.

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